Cefaly – A Novel Design Electrotherapy Machine For Prevention and Therapy of Headache

About Cefaly Therapy

Cefaly is the primary cranial analgesic electrotherapy gadget to have superior Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation remedy and an ISO medical certification. Cefaly may assist folks experiencing painful discomfort of trigeminal neuralgia and frontal sinusitis.

Headache will not be particular to a specific age group however a extra generalized downside. Cefaly is understood to acts on the physiological mechanisms that aren’t age reliant. Due to this fact, Cefaly aids in assuaging signs and stopping them no matter your age. Furthermore, Cefaly is appropriate for kids additionally from age eight and above, supplied it’s used beneath grownup supervision.

Cefaly employs refined state of artwork know-how utilizing Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation remedy in a patented gadget that’s light-weight, simple to make use of and efficient.

Cefaly creates light electrical impulses that act on the nerve cells. It really works on nerves chargeable for the ache and varied different sensations within the space that’s most related to migraine and headache.

Cefaly is useful, when the ache is situated within the entrance half or the cranium. By its pores and skin electrode, Cefaly transmits detailed electrical impulses supposed to govern the trigeminal nerve using Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation to forestall ache alerts from being realized within the mind and thus hampering the stimulation of endogenous endorphin manufacturing.

Worn like a pair of spectacles, Cefaly is designed to forestall and deal with continual and recurrent headache and considerably scale back or stop stress and stress associated nervousness. Throughout the 20 minute Cefaly remedy session, a nice tingling sensation is felt. The depth of the feeling may be adjusted to private preferences. The remedy may be repeated instantly, if required. Nevertheless, there are not any recognized advantages when the ache is situated in the back of the cranium or within the decrease a part of the face beneath the eyes.

Cefaly shouldn’t be used:

o After a latest mind or facial trauma
o If affected by Meniere’s illness
o If having damaged or broken pores and skin on the brow, within the space of electrode software
o Whereas driving or working heavy industrial equipment physiotherapy machine sale

Why Cefaly?

Cefaly makes use of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation remedy and is effectively acknowledged for its efficacy, security and absence of unwanted effects. It’s not solely innocent however very protected to make use of. Its security requirements have been demonstrated in checks in addition to in scientific research. No hostile unwanted effects had been evident throughout scientific trials.

Cefaly generates very exact electrical impulses which stimulate the nerve fibres selectively. Because the impulses are generated very step by step, they’re barely seen initially of the remedy session. Due to superior know-how, Cefaly allows the digital suggestions mechanism to regulate impulses to particular necessities tailor-made for efficacy and luxury.

Cefaly person statistics reveal that:

o 95% of customers discover Cefaly quite simple to make use of
o 87% of customers describe a particular enchancment
o 79% of customers noticed a drastic discount of their consumption of medication
o 2 out of three stress headache are relieved with using Cefaly
o 65% discount in headache with solely 20 minutes of Cefaly use
o 66% discount in extreme ache after solely 20 – 40 minutes of Cefaly use
o 59% discount in recurrence and period of painful headache
o 1 in four migraine assaults are managed by Cefaly use