The Role of Leadership in Business Success

The role of leadership in achieving business success is indisputable. Fantastic leaders that create great companies are “created” not “born”. Authentic leadership is heard; it isn’t automatic. To answer the question if leaders are created or born, good theorist, Mr. Bass, declared the all-time Bass Theory of leadership (1989 &1990). He said that there are three concepts of leadership.

Firstly, the Trait Theory, which states that some personality traits can lead people naturally into leadership roles. Second, Great Event Theory, that considers that a crisis or significant event might cause a person to rise to the event. And thirdly, the Transformational Theory, which states that individuals are able to select to become leaders and learn leadership skills. This theory is the bases for this article.

To put it differently, you do not have an excuse to say you are waiting to find your leadership traits before you may become a leader or wait for a crisis situation to appear until you assume leadership role as the Great Event Theory claims; but that you choose to be a leader by learning leadership abilities since the Transformational Theory stipulates.

You see, we are all born with leadership potential wrapped in us. Nonetheless, it is our responsibility to develop it, cultivate it, and birth it out. It won’t just come out by itself. It requires your attention to develop it and it is about you choosing to be a pioneer.

A philosopher once said that there are five domains of leadership: self-leadership, leading another person, leading a group, leading a company or business, and ultimately, leading a country. Should you look seriously in the five domain names as outlined above, you can see the progressions that you undergoes to become a leader. You can’t lead others speak of leading an organization if you can’t lead yourself.