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Full Tilt Poker has an awesome lobby that is made with a very simple design that makes it quit easy to navigate. Through its numerous clicks on the menu tabs, it has been made very easy to navigate to your favorite poker game, in addition to this, the Full Tilt client also allows you to access the casino where you can play a variety of casino games. More incredibly, you will have an exclusive chance to chat live with an assistant should you need instant access to customer support or help. This is an extremely helpful feature that comes in handy to those who are new to the site. The Full Tilt software can be downloaded here and installed within minutes.

Limits and Rake

Full Tilt has its main focus on providing a great poker experience which includes a big selection of low-limit games ranging from $0.02/$0.04 all the way up to $50/$100 for limit games and $10/$20 for No Limit and Pot Limit games. It has lots of six-max games in addition to 10-player tables, which makes it the perfect option for online poker players who have a preference for short-handed games. Lower-limit games (up to $1/$2) have a $1 maximum rake, while higher-limit games are raked at the stock standard 5% capped at $3.

Software and extra features

When you take your seat and start firing up the action, you won’t find any glitches or hitches, because when you download FullTiltPoker, you will see a clean looking site with superior graphics and a simple user interface. It not only looks and feels professional, it actually is. More so, the poker tournaments at run smoothly, and it is easy to navigate in between your table and the tournament lobby.

Customer service

Among the many hundreds of sites out there, this site is among the few that supports a live chart, which has proven to be a great resource and those who have interacted with it can attest to that, more to that, it is has been made possible to send questions via email, which are promptly answered.

Player traffic

All players of all skills and bank roll level find an excellent site, especially those who play small stakes recreationally. In some cases, most players playing $0.02/$0.04 all the way up to $1/$2 and a big number of players frequenting Full Tilt’s higher-limit tables which gives you all the options if you want to take your game to the next level. Full Tilt is growing rapidly and has recently made a stronger impression on the market, namely by signing notable players to represent the Titan Poker brand.

Bonuses and promotions

They are currently offering up to a $600 Bonus on your initial deposit.

Check out the site,, for the best Full Tilt bonus.

Tips for Building Your Bankroll as a New Poker Player

New poker players are typically pretty good with learning how to play poker and learning basic strategy before playing, but most don’t learn the other essentials. One of the most important skills to learn is how to build and how to manage your bankroll. If you can’t manage your bankroll then no matter how good of a poker player you are, you will end up going broke. It doesn’t take long to lose a lot of money at the poker tables and if you don’t walk away then it could be bad. Managing your bankroll is a whole other story though, and today we’re just going to look at some tips for building your bankroll as a new player.

* The easiest way to get some extra money to increase the size of your bankroll as a new poker player is through poker rakeback and online poker bonuses. Every poker room offers a sign-up bonus which is typically a 100% bonus up to $100+. This means you can make a deposit into a poker room and receive free money for just playing. You will need to play poker in order to clear the bonus though, so you will need to make sure you don’t lose all of your money trying to clear the bonus money.

* You should take advantage of reload bonuses that become available in poker rooms every so often. Even if you don’t need chips you should take advantage of reload bonuses since you can earn free money by doing what you’re doing anyways which is playing poker.

* Most poker rooms offer new players tickets so that they can enter into a couple freeroll tournaments throughout their first month of playing with the poker room. Freeroll tournaments offer prize money for the top places so you could potentially win some money for your bankroll in these types of events.

* Once you have exhausted the many promotional ways to pad your bankroll you will need to hit the tables. If you’re a new poker player then I would advise playing in sit and go tournaments because you will have better odds of winning money. In a traditional nine player sit and go tournament the top three players win money which is a 33% chance.

* Cash games are the best method for building your bankroll, but you’re also going to have more on the line in a cash game then you do in tournaments. Once you feel you’re good enough to play cash games you can try them out, but if you start losing your money move back to tournaments until you have more experience.

Without any money in your bankroll you’re going to be unable to play poker for real money which means that being able to build and manage your bankroll is more important then practically anything. Once you reach a comfortable amount of money in your bankroll you can begin experimenting with moving up from the low limit games. Take your time and don’t become impatient with making money because remember it isn’t going to be made in a day.

Howard Lederer Biography

Howard Lederer is one of the most well known Full Tilt poker players around the world and has done a lot more for the poker community then just sit down and play cards. Howard “The Professor” Lederer has spent a lot of time in his poker career helping out the poker community including teaching poker players at a Poker Fantasy Camp. When Howard isn’t playing poker he also enjoys broadcasting and he has done countless commentary gigs for Full Tilt and FSN.

When Howard was younger he attended college which he ended up finishing and then he moved to New York City because he wanted to pursue a chess career. While Lederer was playing chess in New York he started learning the game of poker and from there he stopped playing chess so he could focus on playing poker. After playing in any cash games he could find around the city he ended up landing himself in front of the Mayfair Club. The Mayfair Club was one of the most popular poker hangouts and has produced some of the best players in the world.

Howard practices his poker game every single day at the Mayfair Club until he eventually moved away to Las Vegas in 1993 because he wanted more action. Lederer spent the next several years playing in the large cash games around the Vegas casinos and started also getting involved in tournament play. In the year 2000 Howard managed to win his first career World Series of Poker bracelet in a Limit Omaha Hi/Lo event. In total Lederer has won two WSOP bracelets and the second bracelet came only one year after the first when he won a Deuce to Seven event in 2001.

Lederer went a couple years after the bracelet in 2001 before he started winning again, but this time it wasn’t on the WSOP circuit. Howard managed to win two WPT titles in 2002 and 2003 which padded his poker achievements, but he wasn’t done there. Howard also won three titles in Bellagio events with one coming in 2003 and two of them coming in 2004. Howard continues to play in the major tournaments to this day, but he has begun to slow down on the amount of poker he plays.

Ironically Howard won his biggest payday only about a year ago when he won the $100K tournament at the 2008 Aussie Millions. Howard took home $1.25 million for his first place finish and it was definitely a nice payday for a poker player who deserved it. Howard also did well in the 2008 World Series of Poker where he finished on a couple final tables during the month of June.

If you didn’t know Howard Lederer is one of the Full Tilt Team members and he only plays online poker in the Full Tilt Poker room so you if you want to watch him you can find him playing on there sometimes. Howard also has a sister Annie Duke who is a professional poker player as well and just finished in second place in the Celebrity Apprentice. Howard also loves to play golf in his spare time and also has attended a lot of concerts throughout his life.

Daniel Negreanu Biography

Daniel Negreanu is one of the few professional poker players from Canada and he is by far the best Canadian poker player in the world. Daniel brings a new type of energy to the game of poker and he has been like this ever since first beginning to play in live tournaments. He has a very vibrant attitude about him and he loves engaging in chatter with other players at the table. Negreanu is nicknamed “Kid Poker” on because when he first started playing he looked liked a kid still and not someone who could play poker.

It was very clear from a young age that Daniel would end up gambling as an adult as he was playing snooker by the age of 15 for money. At age 16 Daniel had started learning how to play poker and it wasn’t long before he was hooked to the game. Negreanu began playing poker in all of the casinos around the Toronto area that he could find and he also played in any underground poker games that he could find in Toronto. As he was saving up money from playing poker Daniel decided he had enough and made a move to Vegas.

Negreanu moves to Vegas in order to play more poker and make more money, but he wasn’t quite ready for the challenge as he was just 22 years old. Daniel ended up losing all of his money in Vegas and needed to move back to Toronto in order to regroup and save up some more money. He kept at his goal until he finally started winning more consistently and now he is one of the most accomplished poker players in the world. Daniel was his first WSOP bracelet in 1998 by winning a $2K Pot Limit Holdem Event.

Daniel has won a total of 4 WSOP bracelets in his career with the most recent one coming in 2008. In all he has finished in the money 38 times so far on the WSOP circuit and another 17 times on the WPT Circuit. Recently Daniel has also been working with a website that offers poker players video strategy. The website is called and it has become a great learning resource for new poker players looking for advice from the pros.

Daniel has played a lot of poker on TV including on many of the most popular poker shows like High Stakes Poker and Poker After Dark. He has also made an appearance in the X-men Origins Movie. Daniel also has written a book which was recently released which is filled with information on playing poker from not only Daniel, but several other poker pros such as Evelyn Ng.

Negreanu is a huge fan of hockey and the Toronto Maple Leafs and when he isn’t playing poker he is often watching sports or playing golf. He was married briefly from 2005-2007, but he is now single again and living in Las Vegas working on his business ventures and playing a lot of poker.

Bet sizing during blind steals

When stealing blinds on, you should vary the amount you bet. Bet randomly. Do not be the cookie cutter player who always bets 4 times blinds on steal attempts. Having a set or standard amount gives your opposing players a bit of familiarity. Eventually, they will begin feeling in their gut that you are on a steal. Your opposition will begin making your life miserable. Be random in your steal raises. If the blinds are 50-100, bet 320 as opposed to 300. If the blinds are 150-300, raise 1110 instead of 1000. By varying the size of your raise, you are presenting yourself as a random, thoughtful, tricky poker player. Additionally, the random odd amounts will visually appear larger in size than it truly is on many poker rooms such as PokerStars and Carbon Poker because they will be stacked and displayed differently than whole hundred bets.

Undue Risk on Steals

Do not take on unnecessary risk when stealing. Do not push 1100 chips into a 25/50 pot. It is not worth the risk because nearly any hand that calls you will be ahead. Additionally, many players tend to interpret all-in bets as a weaker showing than they do a smaller bet. Remember, many players not only fear losing the chips they are investing, but they also fear the chips they could lose after investing. That being said, sizing many steal raises to leave chips behind will give the blind player something additional to think about after the call. If they know they will lose only a certain amount of chips if they lose the hand, they will likely invest that amount more often than they will if they risk the likelihood of losing that entire amount. An all-in move is appropriate if you do not have a substantial amount of chips earmarked to “knock your opposition off a hand” on the flop.

By varying the size of your free poker bets, you will maintain the illusion that you are a tricky and dangerous poker player. Additionally, you will not give off the telltale signals that you only bet x times the blinds when you are trying to steal, or only y times the blinds when you have a great hand. Varying the amount you bet, in both relation to the blinds, and in terms of randomness will help you steal blinds successfully and maintain your dangerous image at the poker table.

Tips for playing Online Poker Multi Table Tournaments

The Multi Table Tournaments (MTTs) are becoming more and more popular these days on PKR and all over the world, thanks to the higher amount of action and fun involved at such a poker tournament.

The moment you will start playing a MTT it’s best to know a few tips that could help you get the most out of it. There are many reasons why you should select this type of tournaments. Once you start playing you will have the opportunity to gain access to some larger poker events, which can get you some incredible prizes and the chance to compete against some of the best players in the world.

First of all you must understand what the differences between a MTT and a normal poker tournament are. One of the main difference is that this tournament is going to play at more than one table at the same time. The number of players which will take part of a MTT is between 11 and can go up to 5,000 players. And depending on the amount of money that you will pay in order to be part of this online poker tournament and the number of players that are going to register, the prizes offered will be different. Right now there are some online poker rooms out there that are able to offer a guaranteed amount of money as prizes.

The moment you will decide to start playing a Multi Table Tournament you must be aware that these tournaments are a little bit more time consuming than the other types of tournaments. This means that it’s going to take 3-4 hours or even more in case you are going to make it to the final table. So you must be prepared to spend a couple of hours in front of your computer the moment you will be playing MTT.

There are two main things that you must do in order to get the latest download and be successful at these tournaments: you must be aggressive and get lucky. Even the best players out there must have some luck in order to win. At the early stages of the tournaments we suggest that you be more careful when you’re placing your bets and only rise the moment you have a good, premium hand. The early stages are the most important since in case you are going to make a mistake you might get eliminated from the tournament. The ultimate goal of this type of tournament is similar to any type of online poker tournaments; you must get all the chips from the other players that are playing. Also at the early stages you will notice that the game is a lot looser and once you will advance at the middle and final stages the game is going to get tougher, since all the fish will be already eliminated.

Once you get some great hands we suggest that you raise strongly, since you cannot afford to let the other players see the flop and outdraw you.

There is absolutely no doubt that playing a MTT can be so much more exciting compared to other types of games. In case you are not familiar with this online poker tournament, we suggest that you first start out by playing a single table tournament and play at a MTT and once you will get better.